One day me. Anderson brought to the farmers market the greatest number of pounds of fruit that he can carry in his truck, He brought two kinds of fruit : apples and peaches. He sells the apples for $2.50 per pound and sells the peaches for $3.25 per pound. That day, Mr.Anderson sold all the fruit he brought to the farmers market for a total of $2,497. How many pounds of apples and how many pounds of peaches did he sell that day?

Accepted Solution

Answer:998.8 poundsStep-by-step explanation:Let a be the number of apple pound and p is the number of peach pound.We want to maximize the total of a and b.From the total amount he earned from the farmer market at the end of the day we can have the following equation:2.5a + 3.25p = 2497 or[tex]a=\frac{2497-3.25p}{2.5}=998.8-1.3p[/tex]So the total number of pound of fruits that he carries in his truck is[tex]Total = a + p = 998.8 - 1.3p + p = 998.8 - 0.3p[/tex]Since p is a real mass so p must β‰₯ 0. That means:[tex]-0.3p \leq 0 [/tex][tex]998.8 - 0.3p \leq 998.8[/tex][tex]Total \leq 998.8 [/tex]So the greatest number of pounds Anderson can carry in his truck is 998.8 pounds, all apples.